4 Things You Need In An Adoption Agency

Four Things You Need In An Adoption Agency

Navigating the adoption process can be tricky, time-consuming, and overwhelming. That’s why

it’s so important to work with a good, reputable adoption agency. But what do you look for? How

do you know who is the right professional for you? Here are some guidelines of what you should

expect from your adoption agency.

Good Communication

Every successful adoption starts with good communication. The agency you choose should be

willing and able to stay in touch with you throughout the process and beyond. You should have

a clear understanding of what is expected and required at each stage—from the paperwork to

the home study to meetings with expectant parents, post-placement visits, and court dates. A

skilled professional will be available to answer questions in a timely manner via phone or email.

Your adoption social worker should also have a clear understanding of the type of adoption you

are seeking to ensure a good match.


No one likes to be deceived, but unfortunately, there are agencies that are unscrupulous and

dishonest. Before you work with an adoption professional, be sure to do your homework. Talk

to others who have worked with the agency you’re considering, look for online reviews and

comments, and find out how long the agency has been in business and how many children they

have placed. Don’t fall for promises to have a child in a very short timeframe or accept unusually

high fees that aren’t justified. If something doesn’t feel right or raises a red flag, walk away.  

Putting the Child First

The whole purpose of adoption is to find a safe, loving home for a child and that should be your

agency’s primary focus. Not every family is a good match for every child, and not every expectant

mom should go through with an adoption plan. Your adoption professional should keep an eye

out for potential issues and always strive to create the best possible outcome. What’s best for the

child may end up being a different family or even his or her family of origin. A skilled agency will

know what to recommend and how to form a solid family where the child can thrive.    

Ongoing Support and Counseling

Throughout the adoption process, you will likely have many questions, fears, and concerns. A good

adoption professional will be able to ease your mind, offer books and resources to educate you, and

never pressure you to make decisions you’re not comfortable with. This is true for both potential

adoptive parents and expectant parents. Adoption is a huge, life-changing decision for everyone

involved, so having proper support is crucial. By working together with a reputable agency, you will

have an excellent chance for a positive adoption experience. For more information on selecting an

adoption agency, please click here.